Advizr adds industry vets to challenge eMoney, MoneyGuide Pro

Read more about how Advizr is scaling its team to take on incumbents in the financial planning space in this article in Financial Planning by Suleman Din:

Now its fourth year and closing in on another round of funding, the firm has attracted over 400 planning firms whose clients have $10 billion in assets.

Still, Advizr CEO and co-founder Hussain Zaidi likes to use the scrappy dialect of fintech startups.

"We have a completely unfair advantage compared to incumbents," Zaidi says. "For them, coming to the Internet in the 90s and 2000s was their objective. We started with the online user experience, and are quickly working to get to the same level of sophistication."

That spirit offered a sense of nostalgia for Chad Blythe, former head of sales at Money Guide Pro, and ultimately convinced him to join Advizr as president and chief revenue officer.

"I was impressed at how the team was culturally and passionate for innovation," Blythe says. "That culture made me want to join the team."

Another veteran recently joining Advizr is Rachel Sanborn, formerly head of User acceptance testing and SME at Learnvest, now director of financial planning at the software provider.

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