Shift makes buying a car as easy as ordering a pizza

Read about the ease of using Shift in this article from Engadget:

Based out of San Francisco, Shift will deliver a car to the home of a potential buyer for them to test-drive. If you schedule one of these drives and decide that this is your new whip, you can buy it right then and there using the delivery person's iPad. No driving across town, the county, or the state to roll around in a vehicle and more importantly no pushy sales or financing people.

Launched in 2013, Shift joined a growing number of automotive startups hoping to change the status quo. In the car-selling market, it's joined by Carvana, which also delivers a car to owners but requires you opt to buy it first. Shift's biggest competitor was the defunct Beepi, which did the same thing as Shift, but shuttered and was absorbed by another automotive startup, Fair, at the end of 2016. Fair offers alternative payment loan and lease payment plans.

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