Forbes: You Can Now Send A Payment To Anyone In The World Via iMessage

Read about Circle's launch of iMessage payments in Forbes by Lisa Shin:

In its quest to become a go-to app for global peer-to-peer payments, Circle is now, with the arrival of iOS 10, available on iMessage, giving iOS 10 users the ability to send U.S. dollars, euros, pound sterling and Bitcoin to anyone via Apple’s texting service.

By releasing an iMessage version of Circle (announced last week), the social payments provider is tapping into what is likely Apple’s most popular app, processing 200,000 iMessages a second.

“We want to make money work the way the internet works,” says Allaire, noting that while people talk about “cross-border” payments, no one would describe an email that way. “Crucially, [Circle for iMessage] works with the dominant way people interact — messaging.”

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